Locations: Parkville // Hampden


One of the only skateboard shops in Maryland that is truly skater owned and operated. Owned by professional skateboarder Gary Smith, who has been skating and involved in the industry for over 20 years. In business since June of 2008, the shop stands strong supported by the truest skateboard affiliated brands and carrying the best selection of products at the most affordable price around. Vú has been featured in almost every skateboard magazine, and has a respected reputation. Highly involved in the local and regional communities, Vú hosts contests, skate camps and provides skateboard lessons. Vú also reaches out to those less fortunate by giving used boards away to the underprivileged and doing demonstrations at local schools and events.

What’s in The Name?
Pronounced “view”, Vú Skate Shop stands for the personal perception of skateboarding we collectively possess as a community. We offer to share this perception and help educate the masses on the unique culture and chosen lifestyle of skateboarding. Our team riders and fellow supporters are more than just friends… we are a family. Showing positive vibes both inside and outside the shop, we hold an open mind, bringing love for skateboarding to the streets.

We’re not just a shop- we ARE skateboarding. If you see us, say “Hi”. If we’re out skating, come shred with us. Either way, just remember to haVe fUn.

Vú is a Berrics Unified shop.
>Check us out at theberrics

Vú Skate Shop owner Gary Smith on the cover of New York based magazine Topic East

Gary Smith